We are experienced and qualified construction professionals, who have completed multiple successful commercial construction and renovation projects since 2001.

The project is priced by several contractors. Initially, this appears to offer more competitive pricing to the project but this is not necessarily so, as the Contractors are competing on price only and not providing valuable cost savings to the design process.

The work involves hiring, supervising and managing subcontractors as well as other resources required for the project.

As a leading commercial general contractor in Winnipeg, we understand that building or renovating requires a team of experts that has many years of experience with building restoration, retail construction, office renovations, condominium renovations and other projects. With our team of experts, our clients can be rest assured that they are satisfied with our adherence to scheduling, quality and the results of their commercial construction and renovation projects.

Our company values efficient and cost-effective project implementation which is achieved by maintaining full transparency with our clients throughout the duration of their project. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and ensure the project is being done according to their expectations.

Over the years that we've been in business, we've built a solid reputation for quality work that we are extremely proud of. We are continually striving for excellence and making it a priority to work with our clients and complete commercial construction and renovation projects that take their vision and make transform it into a restaurant, office space, retail store, residential, industrial or other building reality.

Commercial general contracting projects include:

  • Pan Am Pool
  • Aquatic Hall of Fame
  • Crosstown Civic Credit Union - McPhillips
  • Beaumont School
  • Eriksdale Hospital - sprinkler upgrade
  • MBCI expansion

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