Quality and expertise

Jilmark Construction

Jilmark Construction is a building contractor familiar with various types of buildings including heritage buildings, apartments, condominiums, new and renovated offices, warehouses, car dealerships, churches, and schools.

Design Build

Jilmark Construction becomes solely responsible for the outcome of the project. This includes selection and coordination of the consultants and engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers and project team.

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Construction Management

This process is similar to design-build with the exception that the owner hires their own consultants and then hires Jilmark to act as another set of eyes from a construction perspective.

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General Contracting

Building a project as per the client's selected architect or designer we are capable of providing a complete turnkey construction project including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design.

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Jilmark provides quality construction services with the following objectives:

  • Attention to detail and close supervision to ensure a quality project is completed.
  • Meeting the project schedule and budget.
  • Fair pricing based on effective communication, cooperation, and the client's best interests in mind.
  • Above all we deeply value the relationships we develop with our clients and want to ensure that when the project is completed that the client is well served. Our goal is to build a strong positive relationship with our clients and ensure that all of the client's interests are dealt with in a positive and fair manner. There is no better way of obtaining repeat business.